Dr. Neil Auchterlonie

Technical Director, International Fishmeal and Fish Oil Organisation (IFFO)


  • Workshop 2 - Sustainable Aquaculture - Prospects & Challenges

    Tuesday 19 April 15:00 - 15:15

    Marine origin feed ingredients and contributions towards sustainable aquaculture


    Dr. Neil Auchterlonie is Technical Director for IFFO, The Marine Ingredients Organisation (www.iffo.net) the international ‘not for profit’ organisation that represents and promotes the fishmeal, fish oil and wider marine ingredients industry worldwide. Dr Auchterlonie's early career was in production and technical roles in the UK aquaculture industry, covering trout, salmon and marine finfish including halibut, turbot and cod.  More recently he has specialised in aquaculture and fisheries science management, representation, business development, production and technical roles in government department and agencies as well as trade associations. Dr Auchterlonie holds a BSc in Biology, a MSc in Applied Fish Biology, and a PhD in aquaculture.