Arno van der Aa

Business Development Manager, Orffa


  • Plenary 6 - Innovation and R&D

    Wednesday 20 April 12:00 - 12:15

    Innovations in feed additives


    Arno van der Aa grew up on a dairy farm in the south of The Netherlands. He studied Animal Science at Wageningen University (The Netherlands). He started his career as Quality Assurance Officer, controlling production processes for toasting soybeans and rumen bypass proteins. He took additional postgraduate courses in scientific writing, feed evaluation and business-to-business marketing. After that, he has lead Orffa R&D department for approximately 5 years as Technical Manager, specializing in applications of feed additives in animal nutrition. Currently he is employed as Business Development Manager for Excential brand range. As such he is responsible for implementing Orffa’s business model on global scale setting a distribution network outside Orffa’s home market (Europe). In his current position he is final responsible for marketing, sales, product development and R&D for a selected portfolio of specialty feed additives supported with a strong focus on scientific approach.