Philippe Becquet

Chair, SFIS Management Board, International Feed Industry Federation (IFIF)


  • Workshop 5 - Sustainable Feed & Livestock Initiatives

    Wednesday 20 April 12:00 - 12:15

    Importance of SFIS as the link between feed and food efficiency on the farm

  • Workshop 1 – IFIF IFRM Workshop on Global Regulatory Standards

    Tuesday 19 April 11:30 - 11:45

    IFIF Convergence Project


    Philippe Becquet is Senior Global Regulatory Affairs Manager within the company DSM Nutritional Products, responsible for specific projects, in particular sustainability linked to animal production. He is a French national, born in France in 1961 and currently working in Switzerland. Mr. Becquet is an agronomist by education (Institut National d’Agronomie Paris-Grignon – France) with a specialization in animal production and nutrition. During his 29 years’ career, he has worked for different companies in the field of animal nutrition (feed mills, premix manufacturer and additive producer) and in different roles (sales, marketing, technical support and regulatory affairs). Mr. Becquet is active in Industry associations (such as FEFANA and IFIF), where he provides support for the development of improved regulatory frameworks that take into account sustainability for the benefit of the animal production chain.