Dr. M.R. Garg

General Manager, National Dairy Development Board, Gujarat, India


  • Plenary 5 - Animal Nutrition

    Wednesday 20 April 10:00 - 10:15

    Reduction in metabolic disorders in dairy cattle on feeding a balanced ration


    Dr. M R Garg is General Manager, Animal Nutrition Group, National Dairy Development Board in India. Qualification: M Sc and Ph D in Animal Nutrition from National Dairy Research Institute, Karnal, Haryana, India. Job experience: Started service career in NDDB in the year 1980 & continuing till date. Awards: Received best articles award from Indian Dairy Association, Indian Veterinary Journal & CLFMA of India award for 2004 for contribution to the feed industry in the field of Animal Nutrition. “SEA of India 2010” award for successfully commercialization of bypass protein technology. Contribution in the field of Animal Nutrition: - Involved in the development of ration balancing programme and large-scale implementation of RBP at farmers’ doorstep, based on the locally available feed resources. - Development & production of bypass fat/protein supplements for feeding lactating animals during transition period, including setting up of bypass protein plants for commercial production of bypass protein feed. - Setting up of mineral testing lab, standardization of mineral mixture testing methods and undertaking mineral mapping work for various States. Now, many States have been started production of area specific mineral mixtures by setting up of mineral mixture plants. - Setting up of methane emission measurement lab and measurement of methane emission from dairy animals, using sulphur hexafluoride tracer technique. - Development of strategic feed supplements for reducing incidence of sub-clinical mastitis, bull supplement for enhancing quality & quantity of semen from breeding bulls. - Providing advisory services to the cattle feed plants, related to formulation, quality control and production. - Developed Urea Molasses Mineral Block “Cold Process” formulation and the process. - Published more than 150 research articles in national and international journals, three book chapters, four patents & many pamphlets. Also, published green paper on methane emission reduction in International Dairy Federation (IDF) website. - Member of various national and international committees on Feeds & Fodder.