Jean-Louis Peyraud

President, Animal Task Force (ATF)


  • FEFAC Session 2: "New tools for environmental footprinting: a necessary step to allow mitigation of environmental impacts?"

    Thursday 21 April 15:10 - 15:30

    "Livestock, the key to a global and European circular bioeconomy"


    Jean-Louis Peyraud is Special Adviser to the scientific Director of Agriculture at INRA (National Institute for Agricultural Research) in Paris. After his doctorate at the University of Rennes (1983), he developed work on dairy cows nutrition, milk production at grazing and on the relationship between dairy farming and the environment. He gained international fame with his work on grazing and grassland management and presented several invited papers in international congress. In addition, he has been involved in several European projects as WP leader (FP5-Grazemore, FP7-Rednex) and has coordinated the FP7-Multisward project whose goal is to improve the competitiveness and sustainability of ruminant production systems based on grassland. This project received the distinction "success story" at European level and the distinction "Star of Europe" by the French Ministry of Research in 2014. At INRA, he established and was the head of the Joint Research Unit on Dairy Production between INRA and Agrocampus from 1999 to 2008. He recently coordinated a scientific national expert assessment (22 experts) on Nitrogen flow in livestock farming systems. Jean-Louis Peyraud is involved in the organization of research and development with extension services, whose goal is to develop and promote more sustainable dairy farming systems. He is the head of the joint technological unit "Research and Engineering in dairy farming" between INRA and French Livestock Institute which is working on the emergence of dairy systems reconciling productive and environmental performance. He is president of GIS "Livestock tomorrow" which brings together all actors (research, formation, extension services) involved in animal production in France. At European level he is co-chair of the public-private platform “Animal Task Force” which promotes sustainable and competitive animal production sector by fostering knowledge development and innovation in Europe.