Prof. Dr. Marinus van Krimpen

Professor, Wageningen University


  • Plenary 6 - Innovation and R&D

    Wednesday 20 April 11:45 - 12:00

    Alternative Source for Protein Production


    After his MSc graduation at Wageningen University (Animal Husbandry), Marinus van Krimpen worked as a nutritionist specialized in pigs and poultry for a feed company. Since 1999, he is appointed as researcher in pig and poultry nutrition at Wageningen UR Livestock Research. In 2008, he finished his PhD-project regarding the effect of nutritional factors on reducing feather pecking behaviour in laying hens. Since 2010, he is appointed as senior researcher in animal nutrition at the same institute. The focus of his projects regards nutritional requirements of laying hens and broilers, development of alternative protein sources, improving the phosphorus and nitrogen efficacy of pigs and poultry, improving bird welfare, and stimulating immune competence by nutrition.