Prof. Dr. Trond Storebakken

Professor, Norwegian University of Life Sciences


  • Workshop 2 - Sustainable Aquaculture - Prospects & Challenges

    Tuesday 19 April 14:30 - 14:45

    Opps. & challenges in use of plant protein concentrates in feeds for carnivorous fish


    Prof. Dr. Trond Storebakken teaches and researches at the Department of Animal and Aquacultural Sciences the Norwegian University of Life Sciences.
    His main research interests include Biological effects of feed and ingredient processing. Feed manufacturing technology, feed processing for aquatic and terrestric animals. Evaluation of feed ingredients (animal, vegetable and microbial) and additives. Studies on the nutritive value of feed ingredients, and effects of antinutrients in feed ingredients. Methods to eliminate them to tolerable levels in fish feeds. Improvement, standardisation, and documentation of methods in fish nutrition.
    Education: Cand. Agric. Norwegian University of Life Sciences, 1979. Major: Animal nutrition. Dr. Scient. NMBU, 1986. Major: Animal nutrition with emphasis on fish.